Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use it for free?

It can be used for free. After you register, you can choose a free trial plan, but there will be some functional limitations, such as search, subscription, download, collection, service support, etc.

What is the difference between the value-added plans?

The Free Trial plan is suitable for first-time users of our service, although it has many limitations, it is good for getting started, and it is also free!
The Monthly Plan is great for predictable, moderate usage, it's also fixed monthly, so there are no fluctuating costs or surprises, but the price is a little out of whack.
The annual plan is great for predictable, high frequency usage, it's also fixed annually, so there are no fluctuating costs or surprises, and the price is quite attractive.

Do you support subscriptions?

Yes, non-free trial plan support.

Do you support downloads?

Yes, non-free trial plan support.

Do you support collections?

Yes, non-free trial plan support.

What resolution does the download support?

Ultra HD 4K (Ultra High-Definition) / Full HD (Full High Definition) / High Definition (High Definition) a variety of resolutions to choose from.

Is my account safe?

We do not store any sensitive information on the Services. We use an anonymous payment API, so we never store credit card or other personal information, and we store your passwords securely using a one-way hashing algorithm. Your email is only used to contact you about service updates and we do not sell or expose it to third parties.

How reliable is the service?

There is no overcrowding or congestion due to a matrix of multiple servers.